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A cookie is a small piece of data that a website stores on your device. This website uses cookies. Other means of storing or collecting information in a similar manner to cookies will be referred to as cookies in this cookie policy.

This cookie policy explains how and why we use cookies and what your options are. If a subject is not addressed directly, please see our Privacy Policy, or contact us at for further information. You have the right to change your preferences regarding cookies at any time.

Cookies used by us

Cookies used by us enable us to track the following information about visitors. This information is used to improve your experience, as well as help us monetize our service.

Consent to collecting your browsing experience, including personal data

By default, the browsing experience of our website visitors is NOT tracked by us. You may, and we encourage you to, consent to our processing of any personal data collected during your browsing experience.

If you choose the “Reject” option where applicable, we will respect your choice and will not track you using cookies during your use of the website. Even so, some cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and will be used regardless of your rejection. If you do not wish to consent to these necessary cookies, please do not use the website.

In case you have disabled all cookies, you will be shown the cookie banner at each visit of our website.

Restricted access to information

The information we collect via cookies can only be accessed by employees for whom such access is necessary for us to be able to provide you our services. A certain amount of data collected is given to third-party contractors, with whom we have appropriate agreements to safeguard your privacy.


Specific questions about the storage and use of data or requests for further information on our cookie policy can be sent to

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