wasder token

The Wasder token ecosystem was created to incentivize our users to continue using existing, and testing new functionality. Think of it as a circular economy, with a whole bunch of exciting ways to both earn and spend tokens.

For the content creators, we are currently exploring ways to get rewarded from fans for all their hard work. In the true spirit of Wasder, this also means there will be ways to give back to the fans and the community to make it truly circular.

Here are some of the plans we are working on (subject to change):

Spending $WAS

  • Participate in VIP events (Influencers, e-sport teams, streamers) - Think NFT tickets
  • Cosmetic upgrades in the platform (avatars, frames, badges) - NFTs and personalized looks
  • Tip/pay your favorite content creators on the platform - inspire them to create more
  • Battles - challenge other gamers to in game battles

Earning $WAS

  • Perform various actions in the platform - more details to come
  • Hosting tournaments/events - bring all your friends (and enemies)
  • Be a content creator and get rewarded for great content
  • Rank high on community leaderboards and earn rewards
  • Defeat communities/guilds in battles and tournaments


Token contract address:

How to get the WAS token?

You can now buy the WAS token in two places. You will need a crypto wallet (we recommend, or if you want a hardware wallet). You will also need some ETH to make this purchase.

Are you are new to this? Here’s a brief explanation of how it works:

Where to Buy?

Zero Exchange Uniswap

Token data

Total Supply: 1B

Circulating supply month 1: 69.3M

Market Cap: Show

Supply % of Total Supply NUMBER OF TOKENS SUPPLY
SEED 5.3% 53,000,000 10% released on TGE, then 15% per month
PRIVATE 10% 100,000,000 10% released on TGE, then 15% per month
PUBLIC 1.2% 12,000,000 100% released on TGE
ECOSYSTEM 21.5% 215,000,000 0% on TGE, 36 months linearly to support
the in-app user reward system
Staking Rewards/Liquidity 20% 200,000,000 0% on TGE, Staking emissions begin when network is live
Marketing/Legal 12% 120,000,000 10% released on TGE, remainder vested over
24 months for marketing growth
Team/Advisors 20% 200,000,000 10% released on TGE, 10% per month
Reserves/DAO 10% 100,000,000 10% released on TGE, remainder vested over 24 months
TOTAL 100% 1,000,000,000


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