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Wasder brings old and new friends together around your passion for gaming.

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what matters

With Spaces you get all the content for your favorite games. All in one place.

Great gaming content is life, right? But finding what really matters isn’t always easy. Sure, some people seem to know exactly where to look. But we believe that’s the exception to the rule. We believe everyone should have a place where you are in control of what matters. That place is Spaces and it’s yours to tailor as you see fit. Spaces gathers Wasders key features around the games you love. By following a Space you can discover everything that matters in one single place – from game specific content, communities and events (coming soon) to Party Chats. This is only the beginning, so watch this Space.

  • All the content and features for your favorite games in one place
  • Explore Wasder and connect with others based on what matters to you

It all starts
with you

Your profile is the center of attention. Make it personal with the games you love to play.

Say you want to meet new friends to play with or find great content that inspires, where do you even start? We believe it starts with you and the games you love to play. On Wasder your profile isn’t just nice to look at, it’s the core that powers YOUR experience and tells your story. Let everyone know what you’re all about by telling us about you, customize your profile and showcase your favorite games and achievements. Once you’ve added your games, connecting with others that play them is easy via Party Play. We’re only getting started here, but we promise you that whatever comes next will always start with you. It’s gaming made personal.


Find new friends to play your favorite games with. Party play is matchmaking made simple.

If you ever played online multiplayer games you know it can be an amazing social experience. You also know that things like lack of comms, toxicity and bad ping can make you want to throw your keyboard through the window, which isn’t fun. And that’s even if you can find others to play with. With Party Play we aim to connect you with other gamers at the tap of a big button. You deserve more great experiences together with new friends, and much less of the not so fun stuff. Let’s get this party started!

Join the

Your feed lets you share and discover what matters to you, with people who care.

There’s about 2.7 billion of us out there. But still there is no social media just for gamers. So how many feeds should you have to go through to find what you’re looking for? We believe there should only be one. And it should absolutely be personal. That’s why we let you tailor your feed to the games you love to play, simply by using Spaces. You can also tag your own posts so others can discover your amazing content. This is YOUR feed and it always will be.

  • Tag your content to engage with just the right crowd
  • Upload your favorite meme or tell us about your day, let’s hang out!
  • Tailor your feed around the games you love with Spaces

Stay in

With Party Chats it’s easy to stay in touch with your friends, on the go or from your couch.

The only problem with gaming is that you can’t game all the time. If you are a professional gamer, congratulations! But for the rest of us that have to leave to do other things once in a while, the next best thing to playing is talking. Party Chats are built just for that and they really shine on mobile. You can have as many Party Chats as you want and it is simple to invite your friends even if they’re not on Wasder yet. Let’s stay in touch around the passion for gaming.

Coming soon!

Keep your
friends closer

Summon your squad.
Friends Hub is coming to Wasder.

We believe gaming is more fun with friends. With Friends Hub you’ll be able to keep your friends closer on Wasder. Once added, your friends and you are just one tap away from hanging out. You will also be able to see what they are up to through activities, making it easy to share the passion for gaming. Hope you’re ready to explore the world of gaming with your friends. And maybe even take out some enemies together (Friendly fire might be on, we’re unsure).

  • Friends Hub lets you Explore Wasder together with your friends
  • See what your buddies are up to and join in on the fun

Coming soon!

Make yourself

Ready your headphones and double check that you’re not muted. Voice is coming soon.

We can finally break the silence. Voice is indeed coming to Wasder and it’s just around the corner. Voice will be integrated into Party Chats so that you have it readily available, whenever and wherever you need it. We are looking forward to turning it up to eleven and making voice chat truly personal together with our vocal community.

Coming soon!

A better way to
build your guild

Let’s take your community to the next level.

We believe that player created communities are at the very heart of gaming. It’s where you find new friends, the thrilling experiences of joined success and the hairpulling frustrations of combined failures. In order to let you max out these experiences we are pulling out all the stops. We believe that in order to take your community to the next level , you deserve access to features like:

  • Superior member management systems and visual community hierarchies
  • A truly unique and personal community profile
  • Community calendars filled with raid nights, events and event management tools
  • Promotion systems and looking for community pages for showcasing your community
  • Leaderboards for your members – who participated in the most raid nights?
  • Community badges and achievements

Coming soon!

You deserve
real rewards

Earn and spend tokens on what matters the most – gaming and having fun.

Are you ready to get rewarded and reward others for being awesome? Great! Because a tokenized reward system that gives true value and unforgettable experiences is just around the corner. And here’s the best part, it’s all built around your passion for gaming. The possibilities are endless really, but here’s some amazing examples of how tokens could add value to your gaming experience (may be subject to change):

  • Participate in VIP events with streamers, influencers and E-sporters.
  • Customize your presence on Wasder with badges, limited reactions and avatars.
  • Earn tokens for hosting tournaments.
  • Support your favorite content creator on Wasder.
  • Rank high on community leaderboards or beat other guilds to earn rewards.
  • Get rewarded for contributing to the community in various fun ways
  • Buy and sell amazing digital things in your NFT Market Place
Stick around like an Arc Star and we’ll tell you more very soon.

Coming soon!

settle the
score in battles

Will your Party beat their Party?

You better get to practicing because Party vs Party ‘Battles’ are coming to Wasder. Win or lose, Battles is a fun way of challenging other parties in your favorite multiplayer games. Just pick your opponent, set the reward and get ready to battle. And yes, tokens will be a part of the experience. We’ll share more on this soon. In the meantime, get battle ready!

  • Challenge other Parties in your favorite PVP games
  • Get rewarded for winning
  • Go for glory and rise through the leaderboards

Coming soon!

Put on
a show

From game nights to game releases, event management for everyone.

Events are fun, big or small! That’s the only reason we need to get to work on making event management easy and powerful for everyone. We can’t wait to put our event management tool in the hands of our communities, gamers, brands and publishers. You will be able to create, manage and showcase all kinds of events – from game nights to game releases. Let the show begin!

  • Creating and managing events made easy and fun
  • Schedule and showcase your events to the right crowd through Spaces



When is the $WAS token IDO?

The IDO date is May 7th on and TBD on MantraDAO.

When will the listing of the $WAS token happen?

The $WAS token gets listed on the 7th of May 2021.

Which exchanges does $WAS get listed on?

Uniswap and

Where can I ask questions about $WAS?

Our WasderGG TG group -, or Zero exchange TG -

For details on IDO check Zero medium post -

How do I delete my account?

Currently we don’t have a delete your account button on the platform. Please email and request your account to be deleted.

How do I change my username?

You can change your username under your Account Settings → Account → Username. Note that this will not change your @usersearch name.

Where do I add my streaming schedule?

You can add and change you streaming schedule under your Account Settings → Stream Schedule

Can I connect my Twitch to Wasder?

You can connect your Twitch Account under your Account Settings → Connections

Can I add a Go Live Message when I go live on Twitch?

You can add and change you Live Message under your Account Settings → GoLive

Who will receive my Go Live Message?

Your followers will receive your GoLive Message on Wasder.

Can I switch my email address that is connected to my account?

Currently we don’t have an option to change your email address that is connected to your Wasder account.

Where do I change my password?

You can change your account password under your Account Settings → Account → Password

Do I need to add any payment settings to my account?

In order to use the vast majority of the product you will not be required to prove any payment details, there might be extended future functionalities that will require you to update your account payment details.

What features are currently available on Wasder?

Global Feed
Personalized Content Feed and Designated Game Spaces
Livestream Discovery Feed
Game Tags when creating Posts
Find, Manage and Create Communities
Direct Messaging
Party Chat - Group Chat
Personalize your Profile with your favorite games
Verified Badges - currently only Wasder employees have Verified Badges

Mobile App
Global Feed
Tag system in Posts
Party Play - Matchmaking; Find friends to play with
Direct Messaging
Party Chat - Group Chat
Personalize your Profile with your favorite games

To see what future features are in the pipeline, feel free to check out our Roadmap above.

How do I create a Party Chat?

In order to create a Party Chat you need to click the message icon. For Desktop you will see a “ + “ sign at the left hand side, above your direct messages. For Mobile App you will see a “ + New chat sign” on the right hand side, above your direct messages. Now you can click “Create a party chat” where you will be directed to your Party Chat Settings Page.

How many people can I invite to my Party Chat?

As many as you want. You can also invite friends who don’t have a Wasder account to join your Party Chat by sharing your Party Chat link, provided after you have created the Party Chat.

What can non-logged in users see?

All posts are public. The top part of the user profiles can be seen by anyone with access to that link.

How do I contact Wasder?

How do I report posts?

Wasder users are able to report posts and users that violate the TOS.

Wasder condemns toxic behavior, if a user violates the TOS they will be removed from the platform.

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