be a unique member


one action goes a long way

Every tap could be your new favorite game, your new party member or a bit of extras to your rewards stack. Build connections that feel both impactful and rewarding.

See what people REALLY play and celebrate it

Build up your cred with in-game achievements and check who you can connect & build your squad with. Uplift their current wins and back up their future victories.

Show off the real you

Past the noise and straight from the heart — put the gamer you are to the front with $WAS and unlockable cosmetics and build your clout with millions of other players.

Take it beyond games

From rivals and squadmates to friends. Take your connection with other players to a new level, celebrate their progress.

Level up your social connections and your gamer identity with $was

From premium reactions and cosmetics to celebrating your friends' achievements with tips — $WAS simplifies the abstraction of 'social currency' and embodies it in simple but meaningful actions.

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